Baton Rouge

As the home of Amelia Fine Homes, and the capital of Louisiana, metro Baton Rouge has all the history, charm and culture of nearby New Orleans — but without the trappings of a year-round tourist destination. Located on the banks of the legendary Mississippi River, and with the year-round heat you expect in the South, Baton Rouge moves at a relaxed pace, but for residents and visitors alike, the city is rich with parks, playgrounds, running trails, dog parks, sports venues, concerts, dining establishments, museums, historical sites (USS Kidd at the Nautical Centre and the Old State Capital building), fishing and hunting areas, cultural events and other experiences unique to the city and its surroundings.

Baton Rouge has grown by an impressive 36% since 2000 and is expected to fully double in size to 860,000 residents by 2035. This growth is largely the result of a healthy job market in engineering and health care, but also to the large connected community that works at or attends Louisiana State University. With this growth in population, both real estate and construction remain every active in Baton Rouge, with new residential and commercial builds happening across the metro area — including a host of stylish bars and eateries to keep up with demand.

Sports has a rich heritage and large fan base in Baton Rouge — whether it is LSU football fans coming together at Tiger Stadium to cheer on their team.

Here is a quick tour of some of Baton Rouge’s most iconic and desirable neighbourhoods:

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The Garden District: Best Of All Worlds

Living in the Garden District — part of Baton Rouge’s diverse Mid-City area — puts you within a stone’s throw of everything the city has to offer. Inviting and well-appointed parks, public and private golf courses, the Baton Rouge Gallery (contemporary art), the Mississippi River waterfront, hospitals, retail, top-rated restaurants, and services are all easily accessible.

Roseland Terrace

Roseland Terrace is one of the best preserved early-twentieth century neighborhoods in Louisiana, and has retained 88% of its pre-1930 housing stock. It is the 3rd most diverse neighborhood in Baton Rouge, and an ideal community for young professionals and families looking for affordability, accessibility and real community. 

Drehr Place

Drehr Place

Kleinert Terrace

Kleinert Terrace is an architectural gem situated in the south central portion of Baton Rouge on flat terrain and about two miles from the Mississippi River. Being steps away from one of the biggest parks in the city, BREC City-Brooks Community Park that includes a dog park, splash pad, golf course and a tennis center is just one of the many things that make this neighbourhood a hub of activity.

Spanish Town: The heart of Baton Rouge

The oldest neighbourhood in the city, Spanish town is truly the heart of baton rouge as it is located blocks away from Downtown. Living here will expose you to the best of art and culture that this city has to offer from the Spanish Town Parade to the Spanish Town Markets. A neighbourhood with a big personality that can be seen through the pink flamingos littered around the yard, the mascot of the mardi gras parade and neighborhood. 

Seeped in culture and activity with the capitol park Museum and Pentagon Barracks Museum just a short walk away along with some of the best cafes and pop-ups. Living here will make you feel a part of the community with the warm hearted neighbours which range from lawyers to artists to photographers to writers and maybe even a few government officials.

Spanish Town is the perfect choice for those looking for a mix of big city feel and small town hospitality. – 

Fun fact: Between 1890 and 1920, the neighborhood catered to LSU students and faculty.

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Located in the garden district, Roseland Terrace has one of the most beautiful houses and bungalows. With just a few blocks away from city attractions and burgeoning restaurant scene Roseland terrace has quickly become one of the top choice on where to live for Baton Rougean’s. It retains most of its pre-1930 housing stock and is one of the best preserved early-twentieth century neighborhoods in Louisiana outside of New Orleans.Close to. Also in the park is Baton Rouge Gallery, a contemporary art center with new exhibits monthly and special events.